Summer Change


We had a great gathering at Beth’s.  Our discussion was a lengthy one, given we were dying to get home to watch the game.    We were all very involved in the actual historical aspects of the Tudor history and how it is reflected in Gregory’s books.  Other books recommended were The Boleyn Inheritance and The Virgin’s lover, both by Gregory.  The non-fiction Six Wives of Henry VIII was also recommend for a more factual perspective.  For those who did not attend please comment, if you have any other recommendations or thoughts.

A few readers had expressed slow going with the June book Emperor’s Children.  We had much discussion on whether we want to continue with the book for June. The majority of us present decided to make a change. The June book is replaced by the upcoming July book- Tracy Chevalier’s Falling Angels.  The July book is now Devil in White City by Erik Larson.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this cause anyone.   



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  1. Thanks. I have now gotten obsessed with Henry the 8th. I am going to get the audio books. It is a big step for me b/c I have never listened to an audio books. Now that I think about it, I don’t have a portable CD player. Will have to see if I can download it.

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