Looking To 2009


book-pages  At our last meeting of the year we always choose our books for 2009.  it would be nice to include those who are unable to make it and maybe give some time for us to think more about the books we suggest or forget to suggest that night.  So let’s post suggestions on this site ahead of time. 

Remember we usually choose paperbacks (but not always), at least one non-fiction and at least one classic. 

No suggestions will be take after noon on Dec. 2.  I’ll print any suggesions made and take them to book club.


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  1. From Elke
    There are two books you might want to consider, “barefoot” by Elin Hildebrand or “19 minutes” by Jodi Picoult. Not real heavy but thought provoking. I look forward to seeing you.- Elke

  2. I will miss seeing you guys tomorrow.

    How about a C.S. Lewis, ” ‘Til We Have Faces”

    “Run” by Anne Patchett (Bel Canto author) or another Patchett book.

    Would also like to see another Jodi Picoult book. What can I say, I like to cry.

    I might actually be able to make a few meetings this year. I can probably host in May if needed.

    btw, has anyone noticed the successful book naming formula:

    ” ‘unusual profession’ + ‘common relationship’ ” = popular book

    Ex: “The Magician’s Assistant,” “The Zookeeper’s Wife,” “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter,” “The Time Traveler’s Wife,” “Beekeeper’s Apprentice,” “The Bonesetter’s Daughter,” etc., etc.

    I’m thinking of writing a novel called “The Photographer’s Cat,” (or perhaps, “The Memory Keeper’s Feline”)

    Happy Holidays

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