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Questions to consider


I found some questions specifically for the historical fiction novel.  I know I’m posting them shortly before our gathering but I thought I would go ahead and post them for those of you who don’t make it to Book Club this month.

Historical Fiction Discussion Questions from Book Club Resource

For the person who chose this book: What made you want to read it? What made you suggest it to the group for discussion? Did it live up to your expectations? Why or why not?

Discuss the book’s structure. Does the author use any narrative devices like flashbacks or multiple voices in telling the story? How does this affect the story and your appreciation of the book? Do you think the author did a good job with it? How do you think it might have been different if another character was telling the story?

Talk about the author’s use of language/writing style. Have each member read his or her favorite passage out loud. (You might want to warn them ahead of time that they’ll be doing this so they’ll be prepared.) How does this particular passage relate to the story as a whole? Does it reveal anything specific about any of the characters or illuminate certain aspects of the story?

Talk about the time period in which the story is set. How well does the author convey the era? Did you have a sense of whether or not the author remained true to the events, social structures and political events of the time period?

Is this a time period that you knew a lot about before you read this book? If so, did you learn anything new? If not, did you come away with a greater understanding of what this particular time and place in history was actually like?

Is it difficult to keep our own, modern-day experiences from influencing the reading of a historical fiction tale? Can we imagine what life was really like for the characters within the context of the time period?

Compare this book to other works of historical fiction your group has read. Is it similar to any of them? Did you like it more or less than other books you’ve read? What do you think will be your lasting impression of the book?

Why do you suppose works of historical fiction are so popular with readers? What appeals to you the most about these types of books?

What did you like or dislike about the book that hasn’t been discussed already? Were you glad you read this book? Would you recommend it to a friend? Do you want to read more work by this author?

We will miss you. Hope to see you soon.




Fiddle Dee Dee


3091 Gone with the Wind Trailer

I couldn’t bring myself to post a video of Scarlett.  Timothy Dalton, I can buy as James Bond but NOT Rhett Butler.  I have not been able to find reader’s guide questions.  We may have to make them up as we go along.  Please post your question as a comment and I will print the for the Book Club night.  See you all soon.

My question is:  Would Rhett have eventually wanted Scarlet or was it the transformation that took place in Ireland that made him want her/