Reading this made me want really good pizza


I found Elizabeth Gilbert’s story of her “get away” year to be an interesting read.  In my opinion, she is an excellent writer.  One day I might read something she has written not about her.  Her journey was  a bit difficult for me to relate to my own life journey; not that it wouldn’t be enviable to take time off and wander around Italy and then run off to an Ashram and finish it off in Belize.  As she tells her story she gives insight into finding one’s spiritual self.  She shares her knowledge of various spiritual traditions and you know that she is well read and learned along the way.

I don’t feel harsh pointing these things out because many have asked her these questions.  On her website , she answers questions about how she managed this journey and how can others, for example those with husbands and kids.  She even answers the question- Is she still with Felipe?  If you want to know what she says hit the link.

This book obvious hit a chord with many.  In 2008, Time Magazine, listed Ms. Gilbert as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.  Hopefully her influence was to live a simpler less complicated life, it would have prepared many for 2009.

Looking forward to hearing others thoughts on this.–Lisa

p.s. According to her site, she is still with Felipe but doesn’t say where they live.


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