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Another year, Another List


Dear friends,

2009 was a great year for reading.  We may have read one too many of the child in peril themed books but over all I enjoyed reading our choices.  Every year I look forward to our choices because there are always books I didn’t know about and books I have meant to get around to reading.  Our group always keeps me motivated to read.  So I thank you all for that.  Once again we have chosen another good list of books for 2010.  So add them to your holiday gift list for yourself.

The books The Help and True Compass are in hard back.  We hope they will be in paper back by the month we need them to be.  Happy Reading!!!


Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte
Cherie Collette
Hunger Games Suzanne Collins
Guernsey Literacy & Potato Peel Society Denver Moore
The Glass Castle Jeanette Walls
Precious (Push) Sapphire
Same Kind of Different Ron Hall
Still Alice Lisa Genova
The Help Kathryn Stockett
The Fifth Vial Michael Palmer
True Compass Ted Kennedy

Such Audacity!!


This month we are reading and discussing THE AUDACITY OF HOPE by Barak Obama.  I apologize for how tardy this posting is; most of you are probably on your way to Addie’s.  But I haven not posted on a book this year so I thought better late than never.

There are no reader’s questions that I could find so I thought tonight we would take the chapter topics and discuss them accordingly.

Republicans and Democrats


The Constitution





The World Beyond our Borders


As for my thoughts on this book I wish I had read it before he became president.  The hopeful tone would have rung louder for me.