July Book: Theory of Great Men



ImageAbout the author: DANIEL GREENSTONE is an award-winning high school history teacher in suburban Chicago. His diverse interests include basketball, short story writing, and children’s literature. He is an expert on the Curious George series by H.A. Rey. He lives with his family in Oak Park, Illinois. This is his first book.  (from amazon.com)

Author: Daniel Greenstone

Author: Daniel Greenstone

Very much enjoyed this book about a possibly great teacher and definitely a flawed man.  I didn’t read about the author until after I finished the book (the con of reading electronically, no cover to read). But once I read about Mr. Greenstone, I wondered how much of this may be true. It also reminded me of something I realized as a teacher and never realized as a student. Every teacher has their own story. They have lives beyond the classroom. I think as students, we don’t immediately realize this. This will go on my reading list for my education students at the university.



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