This is a blog for and about a group of women who have been gathering since 1996 to share their thoughts on books.  Each month we read a book and come together and discuss over a glass of wine and tasty treats.  Over the years we have added members, someone who we meet and know they would add to our group. We have also lost members due to moves or just life duties.  Even when that happens we are always happy to see them return, if they can.  The most fun is when we welcome a new reader to the world with baby books and love.  This is something we all look forward to and are disappointed if life calls and we are unable to meet.  Here’s to turning many more pages together!




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  1. I am so excited! I have arranged for a meeting in SA this month to coincide with book club. I could have either moved my trip to the previous week and gone to NIOSA or have my meeting on the 29th, I opted for the latter. I will arive on the 28th with enough time to get to book club! See you guys soon. Miss you guys!

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